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MCC Group Inc. engages with clients to deliver HR expertise and strategic planning to help strengthen organizations through the development of sound HR policies and procedures. This work is then supported with ongoing training, employee communications and surveys. Guidance and advice is provided to senior leadership teams with respect to relevant legislation and business best practices.

Working on an engagement basis, we partner with leadership teams to understand the vision, passion, and business environment of our clients and then work in collaboration with executives, managers, and front line staff design and implement effective HR strategies.

At MCC Group Inc. we provide a broad range of services related to developing and maintaining your Human Resources services and programs.

Areas of Specialty

Services include employee and labour relations, recruitment, retention strategies, HR policy development, training for Bill 132, workplace harassment investigations.

Services include development of vision, mission, values and strategic plans working with leadership groups and through consultation with board members, management, employees, volunteers, community partners, funders, donors and other stakeholders.

Services include 1:1 career coaching, leadership coaching for senior executives, new management leaders, new board chairs.

Services include training on governance best practices, CEO evaluations, board evaluations, governance policy development.

Benefits to you

  • Fully Compliance Guarantee
  • Cost and Time Efficiency
  • Quality, timely reporting
  • Non-biased investigation
  • Service tailored to your needs
  • Greater transparency
  • Effective business strategies
  • Develop healthy workplace

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